A Professional Guide to Baccarat: How to Strategize and Score Streaks

A Professional Guide to Baccarat How to Strategize and Score Streaks

A Professional Guide to Baccarat: How to Strategize and Score Streaks

A Professional Guide to Baccarat How to Strategize and Score Streaks

A large number of offline casinos usually do not allow Baccarat bettors to bet on both Baker and Player simultaneously. At first, you might think that it is rather unusual and self-defeating to be backing both sides, I mean you would be winning on one and losing on the other. Not to mention, you would be losing commission for the winning portion of your Banker wager upon every Banker outcome.

So, you might be asking “What is the point?” or “Is there a baccarat strategy you can use within this tactic that might just work out?”. The fact is that you don’t have to back both sides all the way through a shoe. You can just bet on both sides up to the point that you are able to secure profits from the side that goes in front first within the shortest period of time. And then you get to continue backing the remaining side and try to secure further profits.

Do Casinos Know Something That Most Baccarat Bettors Aren’t Aware Of?

Most gamblers that have attempted to bet as both Player and Baker on a baccarat table save in offline casinos are usually discouraged to do so, and that it would be a loss cause.

Therefore, in this article guide, we will be showing you some helpful tips and strategies within a feasible system when betting on both sides and how it works to win and score in Baccarats. This is well-worth trying but at the very least, you are hardly going to lose a lot on the Shoes it doesn’t always work on; however, it does seem to apply on many of the Baccarat shoes that enables you to understand why and how this strategy works in practice.

How to Score and Win Baccarat?

Due to the fact that Baccarat is quite similar to trading the markets, here’s how it can be put into action: in live Baccarat, there is nothing stopping you from betting on both Banker and Player at the same time at any time you choose to do so. And often, each side scores 3+ outcomes ahead of the other side at certain points during a shoe.

As a matter of fact, there is more than a 90% chance that one side in Baccarat will reach 3+ outcome units more than the other side. This is all you need to make a nice tidy profit with minimum risk. The concept of this System is that you gain value as soon as the outcomes favour one side and correct to the breakeven and then the weaker side will make a comeback, as there will generally be a stronger side that shows itself first. But you can never be certain what side that will be, so it is better to be backing it at an early stage.

There is approximately a 70% chance that the remaining side will recover in using stop losses, so you should fight back and make it to 3+ unite outcomes over the side that made 3+ unit outcomes first.

Why is this Knowledge Important in Winning Baccarat?

It is common to take the two positions as Backer and Player in the stock market. For example, at the official close of trading on weekends, which is 4:30pm, the FTSE 100 will be continuously traded overnight except for weekends. During those 24 hours up until the following official close of trading, the price movement can decrease and then increase or vice versa depending on the previous closing price.

It is important that you know the Average range of each gain. If you’re Buying (going long), the price will go up; but if you are Selling (going short), the price is going down, and you’d be able to make money by opening two opposite trades.

To simplify, you would have to cash out on one side/trade when the price moved a certain amount in one direction and hold your position on the remaining side/trade until that side realised a profit. You can cash out when it goes up and/or down and if it climbs just one way you can end your weak trade and continue to profit from whatever direction the price moves in. Of course, trading is a little bit more difficult than playing Baccarat as the price movements can change quite a lot, even though you can apply stop losses.

Basically, the central idea can be implemented to the game of Baccarat. Just visualise: ‘going up or down’ in trading as betting on Banker or Player, whichever way round you prefer it doesn’t matter. The only true difference with trading the markets, is when the price movement goes against you, your bet is still open, if you decide to hold that position; whereas in Baccarat, when an outcome goes against you, you have lost that bet. Thus, it follows that you need to implement stop losses.

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Steps and Tips to Score and Streak-Swing the Baccarat System

Step 1: You should bet from the beginning of the shoe. You can bet on both Banker and Player before the first outcome shows on the scoreboard. If one side wins 3 times in a row, you should suspend betting on the losing side until it becomes an outcome again, and then resume betting on the weaker side.

Handy Tip: You should always flat bet on both sides, as it will become far too complex to increase your wagers at any point and there’s no need to. If you want to win more, you should simply increase your flat wagers from the start of the bet.

Step 2: You should continue until one side goes ahead of the other side by 3 outcomes. Continue the bet until one side goes ahead of the other side by three outcomes. You should also keep an eye on the scoreboard: total number of Banker and Payer outcomes. Therefore, if the Player is winning 4x outcomes and the Banker has 7x outcomes, you should stop betting on Banker if your chip count shows that you’re up by 3+ units on the Banker side.

You can then continue betting on Player following the next appearance of Player. You would have stopped beating the Banker once you’ve reached your 3+ unit wins. This is ideal at an early stage so that you hadn’t paid too much Banker commission for the times you won on Banker.

Keep in mind: In Baccarat, your commission is only deducted on the win amount not the wager. For example, if you bet RM10 on Banker and received RM10 as your winnings, about 5% commission (50 cents) will only be deducted from RM10 instead of RM20.

Step 3: You can continue betting on the remaining side, (for instance, the role of Player as in step two) and again stop betting if the Banker side scores three times in a row. This is because, while you’re no longer betting on the Banker, it can still influence your betting decisions in terms of the ‘three in a row stop loss rule.’ You can resume betting when Player becomes an outcome again.

When trying to win at Baccarat, you want to see the remaining side (in this case: the Player) make a comeback. A ‘streak-swing’ against the side that made it to 3+ unit wins first, so that Player evens the score and then goes in front. Once a Player has reached 3+ units wins over the Banker (You should again check the scoreboard and your bankroll), you can stop betting on that Shoe that has profited by 3+ unit wins on each side.

Therefore, you should be 6+ unit wins in profit, this would lessen the amount of Banker commissions you would have paid.

How To Prevent Overall Stop Loss?

In some of the worst-case scenarios, when the outcomes struggle to cause either side to breakout into a 3+ lead (or the remaining side is struggling to fight back), you should set your overalls top loss to 6- including the Banker commision that totals 1 unit. Hence, you should not allow yourself to lose over 7- units max.

More often than not, many Shoes workout for this system of the Baccarat. But nevertheless, having a game ending stop loss in place is a great money management plan to protect your bankroll against the unfruitful Shoes that you may encounter along the bets.

Helpful Tip: Why should 3+ unit wins be your target for each side and not more than this? Well, this is because the average number of each side scoring more outcomes over the other side. Therefore, you should exit a Shoe with your profits while you have the chance.

More often, you would see or come across one side surging ahead well over 5+, sometimes by 10+ or even more than this. But the trick to winning and scoring Baccarat is to understand that ‘averages matter’ and this knowledge will be ‘your secret weapon’.

Going against this knowledge: You allow your greed to step you outside of the rules of this System, this means that you are running the risk of winning and then losing what you have won, and this is where the confusion kicks in.

The longer the Shoes (example: 6 or 8 decks of cards), the higher the chances of you securing 3+ flat betting units wins for both sides (Banker and Player). Although in many Shoes, one side should achieve 3+ units over the remaining side earlier on, as soon as each side breaks into a mini or long streak. The streak side doesn’t need to be a long one for each side to sneak ahead.

The sneak side pattern could be as followed: B B P B (B) P P B B P P P B P P P B P (P)

As observed from above, once the Banker has reached 3+ units wins over the Player by the 5th outcome by merely forming double outcomes against a single outcome. By the time the 19th outcome, the Player would have secured 3+ unit wins.


And that’s all you need to know about Baccarts: the Hows, the Whys, and the handy tips and strategies in guiding you to win and score Baccarats in the future. Now that you have known about this, you can sit back and view some Baccarat Shoe outcomes and determine the likelihood of this System is the one that you might want to try out next time.

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