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How To Play Slot Machines at Casinos

The Ultimate Guide to Slot Machine Strategies

How To Play Slot Machines at Casinos

How To Play Slot Machines at Casinos

If you are a beginner at casinos and you are looking for the simplest casino game, then slot machines would be a perfect start for you. There is no true strategy or technique needed when you are betting with slot machine games. You are only required to insert money in the machine, press the “Spin” button to start the game, and let Lady Luck determine your fortune.

If you are still having your doubts and uncertainty about giving casino slot machines a go, fear not! In this article, we will be providing some helpful beginners’ guides on how to play as well as some advice on managing your bankroll when gambling in a casino.

Slot Machine Games: What should I know about?

How to Bet on Multiplier Machines
A multiplier machine is the type of casino games that you can receive a certain amount of money if you play a coin. Betting more doesn’t guarantee your chances of winning, so it’s alright not to bet max on this type of game.

Betting on the multiplier machine is quite direct in that if you gamble with a small amount, you would win a small amount. If you double your bet on a large amount, you’d gain a larger winning, but the number of coins you bet doesn’t affect the amount of times you’d win. Therefore, you should consider looking for slot machines that do not have an inconsistency between the coins if you’re looking to save your money.

How to Bet on Buy-a-Pays
If you are betting on a buy-a-pay, you should always bet the max. If you do choose to bet on a bet-a-pay machine, it’s best to go big or go home. This slot machine doesn’t increase the amount you win if you were to bet more, it would however just boost the amount of winning combinations or places you have access to.

Buy-a-pay slots are distinctive by the layout of their pay tables. For instance, there is a Double Diamond slot that has the similar symbols displayed for one coin or two coin play. Regardless of how the coins are bet on, these symbols are active.

However, when you look at other Buy-a-Pays machines, you would notice that the bars listed for one coin and the 7s listed for two coins. For the sevens to activate, you need to insert and bet on both coins per play.

It is important to learn these tips before you earn. There are some video machines that work like this, but you might come across them in separate sections.

Plugging in with the Progressive Slot Machines
If you come across a whole bunch of people in a row of machines with a giant display board above them that is drawing quite an amount of attention, that would be a community progressive game. These types of slot machines have a jackpot total that grows each time the machines are played. All of these progressive slot machines are linked up to each other and the first person to hit the jackpot gets a percentage of all the play, not just by their own.

Similar to the buy-a-pays slot machines, you would want to bet the max on this type of game too. If you don’t bet the max, you would not be winning the jackpot. You can win smaller cash prizes, but the jackpot wouldn’t have your name on it. Therefore, if you do spend your time at this machine, which can come with a tremendous large jackpots, you would need to be ready to turn out your pockets to win big.

Time to Settle on a Game
Now that you have read about the different variations of casino slot games, it is time to put your skills to the test. You should find a machine that is open and settles down for what hopefully will be a long turn. Then, you have to insert your player’s card and key in cash or a previous payout ticket to start the game.

Before you begin, here are some things to keep in mind before you dive in and bet on casino games:

  • You should follow the guide on the screen or read the directions above the slot machines before you begin.
  • If you are confused or if the casino slot machine doesn’t seem to be functioning well, you should call an attendant to help you. There is a button on the dashboard of the machine that is readily available for you. Once you press the “HELP” button, the machine will light up and notify the attendant for assistance.
  • When you are done or ready to leave, you should press the “Cash Out” button. This will print out your receipt that you can take to the Casino ATM or to the cashier’s box. Once the receipt is obtained, remove your player’s card and be on your way.

Mind Your Casino Manners and Etiquette
While casinos are the popular places to indulge in your money betting and you are there to “In it to Win it”, that doesn’t mean you can misbehave or display poor manners.There are generally some mannerisms and etiquette rules provided by any given casino for fellow casino-goers to remember: –

  • If you see a jacket on a chair or a chair that is pressed up against a machine, it’s taken. So do not use it. You would just wound up in the middle of an aggressive confrontation when the person comes back from the bathroom.
  • Do not play over one or two machines at a time. If the casino is very crowded, you should only play with just one slot machine. Do not ruin someone else’s good time with your insatiable desire for handle-pulling and winning the prize.
  • Do not be upset or frustrated if you come across someone winning a jackpot that should’ve been yours. Each computer is undertaking and generating over thousands of combinations per minute and the chances that you would’ve pressed the button at the exact one-hundredth of a second and scored the jackpot are very narrow. It is best to not push your luck too far before you lose more than you have won.

How to Manage Your Bankroll While Playing Slot Machines

Now that we have talked about the advice on how to play slot machines, it is time to discuss how you should learn to manage your own bankroll when you are betting on slot machines. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind: –

Budget your Bankroll before entering the Casino

  • To be safe, you should always leave your credit or debit cards and access to additional funds at home or inside your hotel room safe, to resist the temptation of overspending at the casino.
  • If possible, you should divide your bankroll evenly for the night. You can limit yourself to only a certain amount every half an hour.
  • If you’re still playing the same slot machine by the end of that 30 minutes, you can bank your winnings, and proceed with the original amount of evenly divided money for your next casino winnings galore.
  • If you are out of money, you need to wait until the next half hour mark rolls around and continue, which would be a waste of time and an equally frustrating experience for you.

Be Aware of Your Own Limits

  • You should be aware of your limits and you must stop playing once you have reached your own limitations. Before you start gambling, you should determine the amount of money you can afford to lose and the amount you will walk away with should you win. Both these factors are equally crucial because they will be handy in letting you know when to stop gambling.
  • Greediness and Betting on more than you can afford to lose are the 2 greatest downfalls one can get into while playing machine games. What used to be an entertaining and relaxing gambling experience can turn into something upsetting and frustrating for you.
  • While you would want to win “All or Nothing” in your casino games, you should still proceed with caution and try not to push your luck.

Select the Lowest Denomination Slot Machine to Gamble

  • This will enable you to play the slot machine for a longer duration of time as well as optimizing your gaming experience.
  • If you’re playing the slot machines on a budget in mind, it is better to just stick with the multiplier machines, as buy-a-pays and progressive machines aren’t your best bet.

Save and Keep the Winnings Earned

  • You should never play with the money that you have won, because it will go against your beginning strategy of only playing what you have previously divided to spend while gambling.
  • While immediate satisfaction is a wonderful thing, you’ll feel a lot better walking home with the winnings in your pocket than you would if you simply got to spend another extra few minutes at the casino.
  • Once you reach back home, you can keep your winnings into a jar. The next time you go to the casino, you might as well take your bankroll out of that. If there’s nothing in the jar after a few times, you can either cut down what you’re spending or reduce the number of times you go casino-gaming for a while. Or you can wait until the casino sends you free play in the mail.

Now that you have read about these helpful tips and advice, we hope that you have found this article to be informational and perhaps even give you a better understanding on how to ace the casino slot machines the next time you visit a casino. If you budget well, keep your eyes on the prize and keep these advice in mind, it may help you score and ace your next winnings when you go to a casino.

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